Dear Sir or Madam
Dear colleagues

The first half of 2020 was marked on a global scale by unpredictable events which are hard to fathom. A time of distinct uncertainty was soon recast in our country into a time of solidarity, cooperation and also into a time of completely new challenges and opportunities.

Distances around the world increased figuratively, yet new ways of doing business gained their chance in the maelstrom of events, often even becoming a necessity, an advantage and a pleasant diversification as well as an extension of sales channels. These means of doing business are quite certainly appropriate, effective and frequently even economical, but they must not substitute or push aside direct mutual communication and endanger the many years of superb and friendly commercial relations which we have enjoyed with you and which we very much appreciate.

We have not ceased to intensively develop our varied breeding programmes, which despite the natural difficulties do provide the desired results in the form of annual enhancement
of the range of seeds we offer.

This year, we are including a completely new species into our range, Vinca, group Volcano F1 (Catharanthus roseus), which we are introducing in 7 attractive colours: Burgundy, Apricot, White, Polka, Red, Lavender, Orchid and Mix of colours. They are intended for professional use and after trying them out, you are certain to agree with us that they really do represent the very pinnacle of contemporary breeding of this variety. We also recommend that you pay attention to their price, which is absolutely unrivalled.

Vinca Volcano

One new product in the range of petunias is a new addition to the Aphrodite group of frilly petunias to include a new variety which is much in demand, the Aphrodite F1 Red. The price and properties of this correspond to the other varieties in the given group.

Professional growers will in particular then welcome extension of the Mistral group of large-flowered, low, compact varieties of petunia to include the new basic colour Mistral F1 White.

We are extending the range of green-leaved Pelargonium x hortorum to include three new F1 varieties, Jitka, Jarka and Regina. We are very pleased with this extension of the range, thanks to which we are this year already offering a comprehensive/complete range of a total of 12 varieties, also complemented by 4 dark-leaved varieties.

Our joy at the breeding successes achieved, your steadfast confidence in us, economic indicators evaluating the sales season which has just ended and the perspectives for continuing collaboration which are beginning to take shape give us reason for great optimism and great expectations, and it is above all you, our satisfied customers, who deserve a big thank you for that.

Best regards
Jan Černý & Jakub Černý
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