Ladies and gentlemen,

After a year of intensive breeding work, we are delighted to once again bring you our new catalogue. The sales achieved over the past season and the constantly expanding territories we serve continue to convince us that we are on the right track and that the seed market is not nearly as saturated or as conservative as it might seem at first glance.

The driving force behind our work and innovation is you, our satisfied customers. Thank you for your cooperation and support, and for the opportunity to make the world a more beautiful and friendlier place together with you.

The range of new products which have been introduced is now very varied. We have managed to breed a unique new variety with white dots and spots – the Dot Star F1 Rose.

The popular Volcano F1 group of premium varieties of vinca has been enriched by the inclusion of a new variety with attractive shades of peach, the Volcano F1 Peach.

One of the most challenging tasks in the breeding process is creation of a completely new variety or group and subsequently the possibility of listing it. We are therefore all the more pleased to be able to introduce two such new groups at once.

The recently announced Begonia semperflorens FlowerBall F1 complements the existing range of regular begonias to include highly resilient and desirable varieties with semidouble and double flowers. A corm of great attractiveness and new options for use, it provides a welcome replacement for uneconomical varieties grown from cuttings. To start off with, we are offering three key colours: FlowerBall F1 Red, Pink and White. Further interesting colours will follow in the near future.

The new group of Coleus blumei Colocha has also generated a lot of positive feedback. You may already have registered this product in the winter leaflet campaign. The wavy fringed leaves and unusual colour combinations which give the plants an exotic and unusual look, as well as the wide range of possible uses, will certainly provide a compelling argument for buying this product, and your customers are bound to love it. The colours on offer, Rose, Scarlet and a mixture of the two, will certainly be supplemented by other colours and colour combinations in the near future, which will then make this group even more attractive.

Looking forward to working with you during the next sales season!

Best regards
Jan Černý
Jakub Černý

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